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Our Service  

Our goal is to satisfy every customer who chooses our products.
You can contact our Customer Care 
by phone at +86 755 33558803 from Monday to Friday from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.;
by e-mail at customercare@atjsk.com
BaLe Electronics guarantee a warranty period of one year. 
The warranty period takes place from the actual date of receipt of the product. 

The Guarantee does not cover:
- any goods of the non-authorized dealers to sell;
- products out of warranty period;
- unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, into the liquid, accident, alteration, 
improper installation caused the quality problems of goods, or torn, altered labels, machine 
serial number, anti-counterfeiting;
- damage caused by improper use of the product

Product Replace &Repair
If there is quality defects in the warranty period, you can choose:
1. Free repair the product with new spare parts or refurbished spare parts; 
2. Replace with a new or refurbished product, certain shipping charge and maintenance fee may be charged accordingly. 
Please contact customer service consulting. 
If the product out of the warranty period, you may pay a few maintenance costs as well as freight.

Obtain warranty service guide
To obtain warranty service, you must send the product to the specified address by BaLe, and use the original packaging or 
packaging providing the same degree of protection. Detailed purchase information and evidence were required to 
provide in order to obtain warranty service.

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